Brickell CityCentre

Miami, Florida

| Retail + Commercial

Brickell CityCentre is a $1.05 billion mixed-use development in Miami, Florida. With the project spanning 9 acres in the heart of an urban environment, jobsite access was a major concern.  The joint venture contracted with FC-CS to provide jobsite access control – insuring that only properly authorized workers were allowed access.  FC-CS utilized containerized half-height turnstiles equipped with RFID readers and turnstile actuation software.  The containers simplify relocation of access points as the project progresses.  In addition to these access points, FC-CS provided mobile access portals for use at each vehicle gate.

Project Highlights

  • FC-CS onsite badging and RFID association
  • Containerized access control gates with half-height turnstiles
  • RFID badge recognition and gate actuation
  • Mobile portals for control of vehicle gates
  • Real-time reporting of workforce movement
  • Who’s on site
  • When did they arrive
  • When did they leave
  • Total hours by sub-contractor, trade, county of residence, ethnicity
  • Project to date job creation

Project Partners

  • Swire Properties, Inc.
  • Bouygues Construction
  • John Moriarty and Associates